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Messages: 18, BlackC55Dec 18, Messages: 2, Looks Great. Messages: What happens to the secondary battery? Is it still underneath and accessible? Ginger55kDec 18, Messages: 3, Just wanted to say that we had an E55 in at our workshop today that had a PCS engine bay tank that was recently fitted, I have to admit I was a little sceptical that the tank could struggle on the dyno without huge downtime between each pull but it really surprised me.

Worst IAT was 46C and average was 36C on a 3rd gear pull even with increased boost from a pulley change. It made it much easier to get the file dialled in as we could do several pulls without fear of rocketing temps.

Last edited: Mar 18, SavManMar 18, I have 4 tanks left all ready to be fitted. I can advise on fitting too. It is very simple to fit. Here is a tank fitted to an E55 with a Weistec charger. BlackC55Apr 4, Messages: 1, SO what happens to the dust filter and air intake for the cabin?

I"m sure I missed something, but it looks like the air intake is blocked? The dust filter is removed. There is a gap underneath the tank that allows air in. Ginger55kApr 4, Great, I'll order two for the German trip. Its the same car as the graph posted earlier only this time it hit SavManApr 4, Wow, excellent result Paul, congrats! AlexApr 4, MBFunJul 18, SavManJul 18, That is excellent, thank you for your reply.Top Resources.

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Beta Cherrier Vivace Dynamique 1. Beta Pursuit Tweaks 0. Cherrier 16 inch wheels resized 1. North Collester 1. Scenic island with lots of locations to explore, and scenarios to enjoy!The Killer Chiller system is a refrigerated heat exchanger that lowers the vehicles charge temps below ambient and allows your vehicle to maintain full power. It keeps the computer from pulling timing and stops power fade due to heat soak.

Using a 30 plate stainless steel construction it is pressure rated to just over twice the vehicles AC operating pressures. We also have standalone systems using a V AC compressor that runs off your 12V system. Kincaid Performance has been in business making active cooling systems since Who Is It For?

The KC is for anyone with a supercharger or turbocharger looking to make full power on the street or at the strip. It will give you back on average wheel HP and more depending on your mods. It will also protect your engine from damaging detonation, since it substantially lowers the air charge temps. If you drag race, be sure to get the drag add on with your kit.

View More Kit Pictures. Find Yours Now. Audi Kits. Universal Kits. What Is a Killer Chiller? Featured Products. View All Products. Kincaid Performance Inc.This mounting set has all the necessary parts to mount an EK-Quantum Velocity on all currently supported mainstream Intel, EK Water Blocks, a European premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing multi-fan packs of its renowned EK-Vardar fans. Coming in dual and triple sets, these fans were developed in-house and first introduced in This distro plate is made to provide a unique water-cooling solution with dual D5 pumps for users who demand premium aesthetics, silence, and enough With the majority of the world facing lockdowns and home quarantines, we know that many of you are not enjoying this whole situation.

This is why we We know that life seems different these days, but despite the worldwide COVID situation, EK is doing its best to keep everything running as smoothly as possible on our part.

As you are aware, the majority of our products are manufactured in the EU, so there were no significant disruptions in our supply. Highest performance and unlimited customization options. You choose every component yourself and high overclocks are just around the corner!

A great place to start if you are a beginner. Buy now. What is custom loop?

Mercedes AMG performance build part 2: Cold as ice

Pick your kit! Best Sellers. Torque Fittings Choose your fitting size and color accent ring from a total of 42 combinations. We also help you via:. You can pay with:. Thank you! EKWB employees would like to Thank you for considering our products and webshop as your provider of PC cooling solutions. Do know that we strive for Perfection in every aspect — from the product to the service, so in case you are not satisfied with anything at all, let us know! Likewise if you need help. Thank you. This website uses cookies.

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This is one of those. In the first part of the build, I installed a larger front mounted heat exchanger, and in this video we complete the system with a larger VRP Superflo coolant pumpand an awesome looking VRP Ice tank placed under the hood.

I start off with the tank that mounts in the same location as the factory cabin filter housing. This means the cabin filter needs to go. I still wanted some kind of air filtration so I installed a small filter and screen directly to the fire wall opening. With the the cabin filter housing and bracket out of the way, I could now mount the tank. After about an hour of trimming the plastic bracket on the firewall that holds the new cabin filter, I was able to get the tank to sit low enough for hood closure.

Next up was mounting a massive VRP Superflo coolant pump. This goes behind the bumper on the right side next to the heat exchanger. I then proceeded to wire the pump directly to a key-on ignition source and found that the previous owner had already done that for me. It basically replaces a factory fuse with a fuse holder. With the pump, wiring and tank installs finished, I just needed to connect all the hoses and I was done.

It took more than I expected to bleed all the air out of the system. I had to lower the heat exchanger and raise the back of the tank to get it completely filled with no air pockets. In the end, turning on the key started the pump right up, and the flow into the tank is just something you need to see for yourself. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the next one where I tackle a cheap way to data log. About the author: Alex Palmeri. Alex Palmeri graduated with an Associates in Automotive Technology and started his career with Mercedes-Benz as an apprentice and shortly after a Master Technician.

Currently Alex works as shop foreman in a large fleet repair facility. Aside from writing his automotive passion is very diverse. Read more. Stories You Might Like.Enthusiasts enjoy the supercharged SL55K platform for potential reliable and affordable power increases by cranking up the boost with a simple fifteen-minute modification—a reduction pulley on the supercharger. The M 5. DIYs are a simplelow-stress process and give owners like me peace of mind, knowing that if something has to be fixed, it won't be beyond my abilities and won't empty my wallet in the process.

Mercedes shoehorned the MK into the SL55, S55, E55, and CL55 meaning the engine is still simple like before, but it outputs five-hundred thumping horsepower and gobs of torque. The MK shouts to a RPM redline with supercharger whine up front and deep rumble from the exhaust in the back.

I Made My E55 AMG Shift Super-Fast With An Easy Mod That Works On Any 5-Speed Mercedes Transmission

When getting on the throttle, the sound mixed with the sheer speed easily achieved, it's almost too much to process. I'm glad I did as they're helpful, knowledgeable, and downright awesome to work with. They have years of Mercedes-Benz experience, and the community appreciates their reliably effective upgrades. I opted for their most mild upgrade, the 80mm pulley.

One thing and one thing alone. A weak spot of the MK is its ability to keep itself cool.

e55 cooling mods

So, with the reduction pulleys, just how much power can you make with a few hundred dollars and a few minutes of installation? To put it simply, a lot. It accelerates to a point where the speedometer acts like a tachometer. With that, a reduction pulley and tune are a stress-free way to add power. With all this in mind, what do I recommend?

If you want more oomph and want to keep an otherwise stock car while keeping the cost low, go with the 80mm pulley and tune. If you want more power than the 80mm, we offer VRP split cooling packages. So that's it. With under a thousand dollars and very little time and effort, you can be driving a WHP missile. Right now, we have many Victory Road Performance parts in-stock and are continuously building out our catalog.

To view our entire catalog, you can do so here.

e55 cooling mods

If there is anything specific you would like to see listed, leave your recommendations in the comments below. There was a time when the engineers at Porsche were commissioned to build a W Mercedes-Benz. This factory widebodied, V8 powered E was the result Read More. The differential is an often overlooked component on vehicles that requires regular maintenance.

EK-Quantum Magnitude

Something as simple as regular fluid flushes can keep your differential functioning optimally for the If you're finding oil spots underneath your Mercedes-Benz, don't panic—it's probably not from your valve covers or oil pan.

It's most likely your oil cooler gasket that is extremely easy to replace. The power steering fluid reservoir on Mercedes-Benz models with the M, M, and MK engines feature an integrated filter. Over time, this filter can become clogged and cause problems with your It distributes hot or cold air through the ventilation system of your car. If you're experiencing There's a lot to consider after graduation—where you're going to work, where you're going to live, what your friends are up to, and much, much more.

I found myself asking a lot of the same questions As a professional driver and a family man, how does one bridge the chasm between two worlds? European cars of the eighties and nineties offered a lot more than anything stateside manufacturers could offer.If you own an Mk-powered Mercedes-Benz you know that keeping the intake air charge cool is one of the biggest headaches of the platform.

Any supercharged engine will have increased IATs due to the compression of the charge, but the MK engine suffers more than others because of the size and placement of the intercooler. Heat soak is all but guaranteed after each high speed run. Things get especially bad at the dragstrip because the car spends a lot of time in the staging lanes with no airflow over the heat exchanger, effectively rendering it useless until you start a pass.

e55 cooling mods

There are various ways of dealing with this issue, such as a larger heat exchanger, larger circulation pumps, or methanol injection. The KC evaporator is very effective at cooling the water as it passes over the core. This allows for lower than ambient intake air temps.

e55 cooling mods

With such low temperatures, the water coming out of the intercooler is usually still below ambient, so running it through a heat exchanger will only add more heat back into the water.

You can avoid this by bypassing the heat exchanger with a valve, or removing it completely. I chose a different location because my car already had the airmatic suspension removed.

Toshiba Satellite Disassembly, Overclocking & Full Modification.

With no air suspension, I mounted the KC where the factory airmatic pump used to live. I also removed the secondary air injection pump and coded it out in STAR. That leaves plenty of space to mount the Killer Chiler, and it turns out to be a fantastic location as well. I replaced one of the 90 degree bends that came with the KC with a straight fitting and everything just fell into place. The KC does a great job of cooling the intercooler water, but there is a problem under full-throttle.

To get around that problem, it is common to put a tank in the circuit so you have a buffer of cold water to use during an extended pull. This made everything line up nicely and the install was simple. I also included bleed and drain ports and wrapped the whole thing in self-adhesive neoprene insulation.

View all posts by Joe Ernst. Skip to content If you own an Mk-powered Mercedes-Benz you know that keeping the intake air charge cool is one of the biggest headaches of the platform.

Killer Tank. Killer Tank Bleed Valve. Killer Chiller Tank Test Fit. Finished Killer Chiller Tank Install. Killer Tank Mounted and Insulated. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Published by Joe Ernst. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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